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Take Online Orders and Track Business Growth

 We have a strong intent to support small and medium-sized businesses in TamilNadu. Because when you grow, we grow! So, let’s grow together! Download the Fastwallet Store Restaurant Partner app now and start reporting your orders on a regular basis to increase your business growth.


Fastwallet store restaurant partner’s registration: How to tie up & add a restaurant. 

  • Becoming a Fastwallet store restaurant partner is not as difficult as you think. As the food ordering and online kitchen concepts have never been in more hype than it is now, the clever thing for you to do is become a part of the revolution.

  • If you are puzzled about how to tie up with fastwallet store, then you have come to the right place. This article discusses the step-by-step process of fastwallet store online registration.

  • So without further ado, let’s get started!

Step-by-step registration process 

Step 1

Register your mobile with store


Step 2

Enter the fast wallet store dashboard and click the complete profile


Step 3

Fill in your details in our app

phone no.png

Step 4

Complete your KYC and enter your bank details. The following documents are needed for KYC:

  • FSSAI certificated

  • Aadhaar card and pan card (For KYC)

  • Cancelled cheque or bank passbook


Step 5

Add the product details, including image, product name and price etc

fast wallet.png

Try out the amazing delivery service package

We work hard to provide the best service to our customers. We are launching new packages, such as starter packs, mini stores, and megastore which comes with a variety of benefits such as fast shipping, freebies, and discounts. Explore and find your best fit!

  • Starter Pack

    Every month
    • 30 Free Deliveries
    • Upto 5 KG
    • Parcel Pick-up time 10 Min
    • Safe & Secure Delivery
    • Delivery timing 7am to 9pm
  • Best Value

    Mini Store

    Every month
    • 90 Free Deliveries
    • Upto 15 KG
    • Parcel Pick-up time 10 Min
    • Safe & Secure Delivery
    • Delivery timing 7am to 9pm
  • Mega Store

    Every month
    • 150 Free Deliveries
    • Upto 25 KG
    • Parcel Pick-up time 10 Min
    • Safe & Secure Delivery
    • Delivery timing 7am to 9pm

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Fastwallet delivery partner?
    Fastwallet delivery persons are required to pick up food or grocery items ordered by customers from restaurants / outlets and deliver them to customers. Delivery partners use their office vehicles (EV-Vehicle) to deliver orders to Fastwallet customers.
  • How to become a Fastwallet delivery partner?
    Download the food delivery app link Submit the required details and updated documents No registration fee is payable Start delivery and start earning
  • What are the requirements to become a Fastwallet delivery partner?
    You must be at least 18 years old. Only used on an android phone. Driving license, registration certificate and insurance certificate. A valid PAN (permanent account number) card. Address proof. Bank account proof.
  • What are the shift timings?
    6.30 to 3.30 3.30 to 11.30
  • When do I start delivering orders?
    Once your registration is complete, our team will run a background check after which you can start delivering orders.
  • How will I get paid?
    We will transfer your earnings on a monthly basis directly to your bank account. You can check your earnings in your app under the payment section.
  • How much can I earn?
    Fixed salary. PF, ESI. Incentives (per order).
  • What is Fastwallet store for Business?
    Fastwallet store for business is a dedicated app to help restaurants owners and managers connect and engage with their customers.
  • How to register my store?
    You can register your store through our Fastwallet store app by providing information’s in order to get order.
  • What can I do with the Fastwallet store for Business app?
    You can reply to customer reviews, update restaurant information, run promotional offers, and any festival add to special menu of the restaurants.
  • Will I be able to install the app on windows and BlackBerry devices?
    Sorry, the Fastwallet store for business app is available only on Android devices.
  • Do I have to pay to start using the app?
    No, the Fastwallet store for business is a free app. All features within the app are also free.
  • What are the mandatory documents needed to list my restaurant on Fastwallet store?
    Copies of the below documents are mandatory Adhaar card and pan card FSSAI Licence Cancelled cheque or bank passbook Menu
  • After I submit all documents, how long to take for my restaurant to go live on Fastwallet store?
    After all mandatory documents have been received and verified it takes upto 1 or 2 days for the onboarding to be completed and make your restaurant live on the platform.
  • How much commission will I be charged by the Fastwallet store?
    Commission for all delivery Food – 10% Meat – 5% Fruits and Vegetables – 5% Groceries – 5%
  • I want an invoice for my order.
    The invoice for everyday will be sent to the representative stores the next day every morning.
  • How do I contact Fastwallet?
    If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at and live chat.
  • What about the payment mode of delivery?
    We don’t deal with any cash on delivery service on your store’s order. The payment process to be done between store and customers only.
  • How about my parcel guarantee?
    The delivery boy will take photo of the packed parcel before picking it up and after hand overing it to the customer. Both the photos will be saved tin our server for any further clarification. We will track the order through the map once the delivery boy is assigned and till, he completes the delivery.
  • What are the plan packages for the store delivery request?
    Standard plan Mini plan Mega plan
  • What are the benefits of the package?
    The cost of our delivery service is less than what you pay the delivery person.
  • How many free deliveries are applicable in a day?
    Free delivery is applicable on every package. This free delivery is valid for one day only. Total free delivery does not apply.

Become a Restaurant Partner

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